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Electrician in Bondi Junction


360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical of Bondi Junction offers 24 Hour emergency electrical repair, ceiling fan installation, electrical wiring, switchboard installation and repair, power surge protection in Bondi Junction and all surrounding areas in Sydney. A certified electrician is skilled and has the technical expertise to handle electrical wiring, installations and repair of electrical faults. Call us now at 0424240402 to schedule electrical repair in Bondi Junction and surrounding areas. 

At 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical, we care more about your safety, the efficiency of our job and to deliver total customer satisfaction. Our electricians are licensed and insured with decades of field experience, and we are available to render services to residential, commercial and industrial customers in Bondi Junction.

Let our electricians in Bondi Junction solve any and all your electrical needs. We will help to make your home safe and secure so that you could spend quality time with your loved ones!

Call 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical to receive free quotes for all electrical works including:


Troubleshooting of electrical wiring and maintenance

  • Residential and commercial electrical installation and repairs

  • Circuit installations and upgrades

  • Electrical installations and switchboard upgrades

  • Interior and exterior lighting installation

  • Ceiling fan installation

  • EV charger installation and repairs

  • Level 2 electrician Bondi Junction

  • Landscape lighting and much more

Remember that, a sudden disruption in power supply could spell disaster to your home and companies could run into losses because of faulty electrical installations and gadgets. The need for a certified electrician as well as an insured electrician becomes imperative to prevent disruption of activities in your homes and businesses.


Electrical Repair in Bondi Junction


There are certain things you need to consider when looking for an electrician in Bondi Junction. Houses and businesses have been in black out due to wrong electrical wiring and repairs. So, in choosing a local electrician for your electrical repairs in Bondi Junction, you must put these factors into consideration.


Bondi Junction Electricians


1. Know the specific service you want

The first thing to do is to know what you want. An average electrician in Bondi will charge by the hour, and you will want to avoid the extra charges for identification of faults. 

2. Hire Certified electrician 

In choosing a Bondi Junction electrician, you must ensure that he is a certified electrician.  This is very important as certified electricians will have the knowledge required to handle electrical repairs. Also, hiring a certified electrician gives you confidence that your electrical repairs will be attended to because they follow the right procedures. Certified electricians will also have the right tools and attitude needed to get the work done on time.

3. Insured Electrician 

There is a need for hiring an insured electrician. If there's major damage or even worse, an electric shock, an insured electrician would have you feeling lucky. The insurance of all Bondi Junction electricians from 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical is up to date. 

4. Years of Experience 

In choosing a local Bondi Junction electrician, you must go for one that has had previous experience handling such issues. This will reduce the time needed for the electrical repairs as well as reduce the risk of danger.

5. Geographical proximity 

The Bondi Junction electrician you are hiring should be able to get to where you are in as little time as possible. The electrician near me from 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical would be my best call in case of an emergency. The electrician near me should be able to get to my home on time and prevent the problem from escalating. 

For your electrical repairs in Bondi Junction, 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical is the right choice even when you are searching for electrician near me. Our service areas include Rose Bay, Woollahra, Bellevue Hills, Darling Point, Point Piper, Double Bay, and all surrounding areas.