Electrician in Erskinville


Warmth and well-lit rooms make a house a home. To keep your property in a livable condition, it is important to have regular electrical service in Erskinville. Homeowners, business owners, and residents in Erskinville are invited to add 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical to their contacts list for reliable, affordable, and professional electrical service and electrical repair in Erskinville. Our local Erskinville electricians are licensed and certified to provide competent and courteous service to our community in Erskinville. First time callers can enjoy a 5% discount on their electrical service or electrical repair. Give us a call today and speak with one of our friendly staff members to schedule your appointment.


Electrical Safety Will Protect Your Property and Family


Electricity is an extremely volatile and dangerous element responsible for many injuries per year. As the sixth leading cause of workplace deaths, electrocution is a risk to be taken seriously. 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical is here to make sure your home or business is electrically safe. Our certified and licensed electricians are trained to identify and fix common electrical hazards. If you are ready to hire an electrician in 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical, call us today. Some of our electrical service includes:

  • Child-proofing outlets
  • Replacing circuit breakers
  • Installing dedicated circuits
  • Updating electrical switchboards
  • Performing electrical safety inspections
  • Installing or replacing GPO outlets
  • Implementing home surge protection
  • Rewiring old wiring


Erskinville Electricians


Renew Your Electrical System with These Installations

Technology is progressing at a rapid rate, meaning newer and better equipment are coming out each and every year. New equipment is generally more user-friendly, energy-efficient, and safe. If you own an old home or have old electrical equipment, consider upgrading to reduce the risk of electrical fires and damage while saving money in the long term. Our electrical service in Erskinville includes a large variety of installations such as:

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Residential and Commercial Generators
  • Exhaust Fans and Ceiling Fans
  • Tesla Chargers
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Air Conditions


Leave It to The Experts


Many people like to save a few bucks by calling a handyman or, worse, by trying to fix electrical issues by themselves but they forget about the risks. Electrical damage and injury are very real. Protect yourself and your property by hiring an expert. At 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical, we hire and train only the best Erskinville electricians. With state-of-the-art equipment and licensed electricians, 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical is proud to be the electrician that thousands have trusted over the years.


You Always Have Access to Electrical Service with 24-Hour Emergency Service


Electricity works around the clock and a problem can arise at any given moment. When you need electrical service in Erskinville, don’t waste your time on the web searching for “electrician near me” only to go through a list and listen to voicemail. Call the professionals at 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical to have an electrician in Erskinville help you at any time of the day – or night! As a local company, we take pride in serving our community with electrical repair and electrical service at all hours. Don’t wait, call now!