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360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical of Redfern offers 24 Hour emergency electrical repair, ceiling fan installation, electrical wiring, home generator installation and repair, power surge protection in Redfern and all surrounding areas in Sydney. Call us now at 0424240402 to schedule electrical repair in Redfern and surrounding areas.

Is your electrical wiring causing problems at your home or business? Tired of searching for “Redfern electricians near me”? Finding an experienced local electrician in your area doesn’t have to be difficult. If you need help from a professional certified electrician in Redfern, Sydney, call 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical  today. We provide expert electrical inspections, installations and electrical repair service for residents and businesses in Redfern. Get help from a professional licensed electrician right away. 


Redfern Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

If your old electrical switchboard doesn’t meet the demands of your current electrical needs, and the Australian standards it’s important to get an upgrade as soon as possible. Your switchboard is at the heart of your entire electrical system, and if it becomes easily overloaded, you could have a major issue on your hands. Avoid electrical fires, outages and power surges by hiring a local electrician who can get your electrical switchboard ready to handle the needs of today’s modern technological world. If you’ve been experiencing flickering lights, tripped breaker switches or other signs of electrical switchboard damage, call us today to book a certified electrician who can replace your switchboard before the problem becomes more severe. 


Electrical Repair in Redfern

Need an Electrical Safety Inspection by an Experienced Licensed Electrician?

Electrical problems aren’t always easy to find. However, even small issues with circuits and wires can leave your property vulnerable to power surges and electrical fires. If you run a local business, ignoring the condition of your electrical system is a huge liability that can cost a fortune if an emergency ever occurs. Homeowners also have a responsibility to their guests and loved ones to keep their house safe from the possibility of avoidable fires and electrocution. A well trained licensed electrician knows exactly what to look for to find and diagnose electrical issues fast. If a problem is found, a certified electrician in Redfern will have all the tools and equipment on hand to fix the problem at its source, and give you safe mind. 


Redfern Electricians

Contact 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical for Your Next Installation or Electrical Repair Service

You can finally stop hunting online for “electricians near me”. If you need a licensed and insured electrician for your next lighting installation, electrical switchboard upgrade, safety inspection or any other installation or electrical repair service, call 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical. Our Redfern electricians are the best in the industry and are ready to put their tools and experience to work for your home or business. If you need quality residential or commercial electrical services from a reliable local electrician in Redfern, contact us today. Our friendly customer service staff is available to discuss your unique needs and can help you schedule an appointment with a licensed and insured electrician in Redfern.