LED lighting upgrades

Switch to LED from Halogen or Incandescent not only will you save money in the long term, but there are also health benefits as well if it is done correctly.
LED fixtures also have an environmental advantage in that they contain no mercury, last longer, and produce less waste, plus they are made from fully recyclable materials. 
Are you looking for a Sydney electrician to install your lights? Here are some of the light fixtures we can help you to install:

Save up to 90% on your lighting bill – a 10 watt LED light fitting uses only 20% of the power of a 50-watt halogen and only 10% of a 100w halogen. LED light fittings are sealed which don’t allow heat to escape into the ceiling. They can also be covered by insulation, unlike both halogen and incandescent. Good quality LED fittings are rated to last 60,000 hours (30 years). At today’s prices, over those 60,000 hours, you could save up to $12,500 on replacement globes and energy costs!

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