Lighting installation and repairs

Our expert electricians can repair or install your lighting today!Whether you need us to replace a broken light fitting or rewire a faulty lighting circuit, you can rely on us to provide a fast and professional service. We can also supply and install new light fittings. Call us now!
Your lighting can account for close to 30% of your energy use. Are you using the right lighting solution and light bulb combination to get the most economical? There is a multitude of lighting options available, but how do you know which is right for your business?
For more information regarding your lighting upgrade requirements throughout Sydney and the suburbs, give us a call on 0424240402 today.

Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting
The presentation of a home’s bathroom and the kitchen is an essential part of the décor. With the right lighting in your bathroom and kitchen, you can change the way others view your home. This is why bathroom and kitchen lighting are among the top ways to boost a home’s resale value. If you want to highlight your room’s best features while providing optimum functionality, then custom lighting by 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical can provide you with all the ideas, logistics, creativity, and functionality that you desire.

Lighting Controls
360˚ Degrees Sydney Electrical is committed to providing high-quality, energy-efficient, and user-friendly lighting solutions. Lighting controls are a great way to save money while being environmentally conscious by allowing you to control lighting and small appliances in your home.
Motion Sensors
Sensors, aptly named, detect and respond to signals such as movement, light, and temperature. Using motion sensors, such as those used in security lights and room occupancy sensors, can help you create a safer, more energy-efficient environment for both your home and business.
Recessed Lighting Installation
Looking for an inexpensive way to modernise your home? Recessed lighting offers the perfect blend of form and function to give your home a fresh new look. Well-chosen, carefully placed lights can highlight a room’s best features, improve lighting in areas that are poorly lit, and offer a decorative element to your home.
For more information regarding your lighting requirements give us a call on 0424240402 today.