Real Estate and Strata Electrical Maintenance

No jobs too big or small
360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical have multiple solutions when we talk about real estate and strata electrical maintenance – from single light bulb replacement to large-scale switchboard installs and upgrades, basic energy-efficient options, preventative maintenance plan – ensuring you never have unexpected down-time. We do our best to provide electrical workarounds that are ideal for real estate and strata requirements, customised to each property, and the task. Whether you have a complicated electrical repair or a simple lighting installation, each job receives our professional workmanship without limitations. We also deliver for now and the future, because we believe that no job should have to be done twice. 360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical offers professional advice and support. We can quickly alleviate a fault safely and expertly. Servicing all of Sydney and surrounding suburbs.
360˚Degrees Sydney Electrical provides consistent service to each client, guaranteed that every complete job is done to the highest quality. As leading Sydney electricians we do our best to minimise downtime, understanding how frustrating and inconvenient electrical faults can be. Real Estate agents and landlords can lose valuable time and money and strata residents can feel disgruntled if electrical issues are not dealt with immediately.

Here are some of the Jobs we provide for our client: 

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